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Halloween Decor

Celebrate everyone's favorite spooky holiday by decorating your home with Halloween decorations. Halloween decorations include a variety of banners, figurines, centerpieces, and ornaments designed to add a festive note to a special occasion. You can find items that are cute or creepy, so it is easy to get the right decor for any Halloween celebration.

What types of decor are used during Halloween?

When looking for Halloween decor, you have many fun Halloween decorating ideas to pick from.

  • Statues: Both still and animated statues can be put in your yard to scare trick-or-treaters.
  • Wreaths: Decorate your front porch with a spooky wreath.
  • Ornaments: Themed ornaments can be hung on plants or displayed on hooks along your walls.
  • Light strings: Strings of lights with pumpkins or skulls can be wound around front porch railings or used along a mantel.
  • Bowls: Give out candy in a themed bowl.
  • Figurines: Figurines are often used as a table centerpiece or other sort of indoor decoration.
  • Lighting: Lanterns and candleholders are very suitable for this holiday that takes place at night.
  • Atmospheric decorations: Long strings of cobwebs, projectors that display spooky images, or fog machines are all great for a haunted effect.
How do you decorate your lawn for Halloween?

Decorations are not just limited to the inside of your home. If you have a big lawn, you can extend your Halloween decorations all the way to the road with these outdoorsy props.

  • Blow-up Figures: Giant inflatable objects are often a good way to add whimsical or creepy decorations to a yard. Inflatable figures come in ghost, pumpkin, spider, monster, or haunted house options. You can find battery operated options if your lawn is not near an outlet.
  • Tombstones: Fake tombstones can be artfully scattered around the lawn to make it look like a graveyard.
  • Body parts: Make a lawn even scarier by partially burying fake hands or feet so that they look like they are erupting from your yard.
  • Tree faces: Attach faces or arms to your lawn's trees to make them look like they are coming to life.
What symbols and colors are used to celebrate Halloween?

Typical decorations tend to follow a few specific themes:

  • Pumpkins: Both plain pumpkins and carved jack o' lanterns are iconic symbols that show up in Halloween decor.
  • Skeletons: In addition to whole skeletons, skulls and individual bones are also used.
  • Scary animals: Black cats, bats, spiders, and crows are all common themes.
  • Monsters: Ghosts, witches, mummies, Frankenstein's monster, werewolves and other common horror monsters can create freaky decor.
  • Halloween colors: Black, orange, and white are the most traditional options, but some decor also uses green and purple.
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